Mental Transport!

April 5th, 2011

Why are buses full of mentals? (I use public transport!)

I’m not sure these people should even be walking the streets let alone catching a bus! Last week there was this woman who got on outside the boot market. I was already on board and listening to something on the iPod. She had like 8 shopping bags (might be an exageration but it was a lot!), and she looked like she was struggling. I popped up out of my seat as to give her a hand getting these bags onto the bus. As i made my way down the bus i noticed that these bags were full of screwed up paper!

Not heavy at all! So was she acting up for the public or just mental?

She got on the bus and started to take paper out of the bags, tear articles out of them and put them in another of her bags! Now should she be using the same bus as the kids? She should have her own bus! (Yellow)

Its a fact, most passengers are talking to themselves, rocking back and forth or tearing up bits of paper! The number 3 driver at Wexham park hospital must sometimes wonder if hes got some escapees!

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It’s a Guide Dogs Life!

April 5th, 2011

I’m not sure guide dogs have a great life. They are always on call (like a 24/7 plumber) that is constantly told by its owner, take me here, take me there! They probably go through the park thinking why cant i be a normal dog? Running, playing, chasing balls and sticks.

The older experienced guide dogs should warn the youngsters in training “you wanna fail this test buddy, cos its all down hill from here”

Another thing about guide dogs is, “do you get a bad one?”. At the end of the day they are like a worker, they work for some blind fella with no pay!

So like a brain surgeon, you get good one and bad ones, so what if you get a bad guide dog? Does the blind fella get run over? At what point does the blind fella say “your last performance review was under par, I’ve had six near death experiences including that drain hole incident and this just can’t go on!”

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Vegetarians – Whats That All About?

April 5th, 2011

Why is it cruel to slaughter an animal yet its ok to pick a carrot? I’m told that plants are living things too?

I’m actually not fussed by slaughtering either although i may draw the line at baby carrots!

I used to date a vegetarian, and to me its just another reason to argue before, during and after every meal. You see there are these rules with Vegetarians, some eat cheese, some don’t, some eat fish some don’t, some eat eggs, some don’t. You pretty much have to check before every meal whats the latest set of rules! We would argue about bean curd!

Meat free meat balls?, Excuse me? How can a meatball be meat free! Quorn, or rubber as I like to call it, whats that all about?

The worlds gone mad!

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